21st Century psychology for nurses 3/e

Vuren, A van , Kruger, G , Guse, T , Mayers, P


Nursing, by its very nature, involves all the processes of life from birth to death. In response to new consumer needs and demands, healthcare services are moving increasingly into the home, into the community, and into alternative settings. A basic knowledge of psychology, communication skills and culture, as well as coping skills, has become vital to render holistic care to the individual, the family and society. This updated edition of 21st Century psychology for nurses: an introduction continues to provide the necessary skills to understand, educate and support patients and clients through painful and unpleasant health situations. 21st Century psychology for nurses introduces six important perspectives in psychology which influence how people respond to their circumstances: behavioural, psychoanalytic, humanistic, neurobiological, cognitive and sociocultural. Each chapter focuses on a different health aspect and includes key terms and critical thinking questions. This edition includes new content on the psychological impact of COVID-19 on society. Activities and references have been updated, and Chapter 10 on Culture and health has been substantially revised.

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