E-commerce - dynamic markets perspective 2/e

Chipp, K , Ismail, Z , Meiring, E


e-Commerce is a broad term that covers all business activities that use the internet as the platform for conducting exchanges or forming and maintaining relationships. It encompasses social media; the sharing economy; mobile applications; e-tailing; the changes to business models and developments such as wearables; and is a rapidly growing component of business education. The separation between real and virtual worlds is becoming more intangible as we rapidly face a new world of integrated technology. e-Commerce provides a solid grounding in this dynamic discipline as well as tools and techniques to leverage for e-commerce business success. e-Commerce is written from the perspective of a developing country and makes use of many South African examples. It uncovers the main business drivers that practitioners need to be aware of in this rapidly developing field; from an overview of the e-commerce environment and the digital business models and strategies that have emerged from it; to an in-depth look at the strategic drivers for digital and social marketing; operations and emerging trends in the digital future.

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