Cyberlaw @ SA The law of the internet in South Africa 4/e

Papadopoulos, S , Mtuze, S Snail ka


In modern society; almost everything we do is intimately connected to information creation; retrieval; processing or management; and the internet is at the heart of this growing information society or knowledge economy. Technology has a real impact on people�s rights; and laws have become increasingly significant; whether in the enforcement of copyright law regarding the downloading of MP3-formatted songs through file sharing technologies or in the application of the general principles of contract law to online contracts. Cyberlaw@SA IV: the law of the internet in South Africa is therefore directed at advancing the principles of digital jurisprudence. Comprehensively updated; the fourth edition of Cyberlaw@SA IV: the law of the internet in South Africa covers a wide range of topics and areas of discussion in the field of cyberlaw; from protection of domain names and personal information to identity theft and privacy. This edition provides in-depth discussions of e-taxation; protection of data; cybercrime laws; copyright law; consumer law and the processing of e-evidence and its value in civil and criminal proceedings.

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