The South African’s Guide to Global Investing

Joshua, David A.


Most South Africans fail to reap the benefits of investing internationally. This book gives you the power to harness global growth, and provides the blueprint used by the world’s best investors to preserve and grow their wealth. Drawing from a career providing international investment solutions to global clients, David A. Joshua identifies common mistakes made by individual investors, and explains the key fundamentals that everyone can apply to take control of their financial destiny. This book provides the tools to understand: • Why South Africans make sub-optimal investment decisions, and how they can overcome their subjective biases. • The power – and necessity – of investing with a global mindset. • How to harness global growth to generate compounding, Einstein’s ‘eighth wonder of the world’. • How and when you should exchange your rands for hard currency. • How to align your life goals with a specific investment strategy. • Why emotions are the enemy of investors, and what strategies you can use to keep your decision-making rational. For anyone wanting a clear understanding of how to invest successfully in global markets, this book is essential reading.

R 199.00