Educator's guide to effective classroom management; An 3/e

EJ, Van Niekerk , SA, Coetzee


It is not unusual for even seasoned educators to express some bewilderment about teaching in today’s fast-paced; technological; outcome-oriented environment. The overwhelming quantity of media messages bombarding learners has led them to develop a significant level of scepticism towards any information that they receive; and the old methods of teaching no longer seem to be effective. An educator’s guide to effective classroom management provides clear and concise discussions of classroom management aspects within a present day South African context. An educator’s guide to effective classroom management gives educators an opportunity to question and enhance their approach to teaching and to reduce the bureaucracy of their classrooms. It provides valuable knowledge; practical ideas and advice on the development of a personal classroom management plan to suit individual styles of teaching and thus promote successful learning. It is student centred and interactive; including practical activities and mind maps for clarity as well as opportunities for self-assessment. It also provides an education law and policy framework to help educators to manage their classrooms in a lawful manner and to avoid legal issues.

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