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Mohamed, Yusuf


The world you think you know is not the world you know. The map is not the territory. None of you experiences a true reality for what it is. Your reality is your perception of life which you delete, distort and generalise often to cope and make sense with the information received. That very filter at times may cause misunderstandings of what is occurring around us. Some are born intuitively while others have to work hard to understand, however, there are ways to increase your sensory awareness so to make more sense of yourself and the environment you operate in. To have more clarity one has to remove a limiting belief or past event that holds you back in life so to achieve a more meaningful life. I believe every single one of you is unique and have the universal powers within to play a part in uplifting humanity. Once you allow yourself to see within, then two doors will appear before you. The red and blue door. If you see the blue door which is the gateway to slavery, then this book is not for you. If you wish to enter the red door of self-development or the unpleasant truth, then this book is for you. It's only the brave that addresses their past for resolution or seeks continuous improvement for growth. By entering the red-door you have started your journey and you may wish to write your own story and awaken a few.

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Yusuf Mohamed
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