Believe that all can achieve 3

Borman, J


Every learner and every teacher have a unique blend of personal characteristics and background factors that change with time and context; and affect the experience of living and developing. Traditionally; the education of learners with disabilities focused on the nature of specific conditions in an attempt to alleviate barriers to learning. The impairment; and not the impact thereof on participation at school or at home; was emphasised. A more contemporary view is to focus on the strengths; attitudes and abilities of children within meaningful contexts. Believe that all can achieve addresses inclusion as the foundation for education in an attempt to celebrate diversity in the classroom; to capitalise on the strengths each learner brings to the learningââ?¬â??teaching dyad; and to welcome every family member as part of the broader classroom community. Believe that all can achieve embraces the core values of the South African Constitution ââ?¬â?? freedom; dignity and equality. It shares best practice; evidence-based techniques and strategies in an effort to build a deeper understanding of the core challenges and possible solutions. Narratives; case studies; screening checklists; engaging illustrations and examples provided in the book enable the teacher to translate theory into actuality in the classroom. The chapters on challenging behaviours; intellectual; learning; physical and sensory disabilities; autistic spectrum disorders; and medical conditions add a wealth of information and a ready reference. Believe that all can achieve is aimed at students and teachers in the field of inclusive education.

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