Community engagement research in South Africa - Methods; theories; histories and practice

Eeden, E van , Eloff, I , Dippenaar, H


Universities across the world strive to be engaged institutions whose purpose is to foster positive social change through teaching; research and community engagement. The integration of these roles may sometimes hinder authentic engagement. Community engagement research in South Africa: histories; methods; theories and practice proposes a transformative model for engagement; in which societal involvement is the driving force behind all activities of the university. This overarching focus serves to blur the divisions between the core higher education and training activities as research becomes more community-based and teaching prepares students to be agents to be informed by research through teaching and learning; and to be agents for positive social change in all spheres of life. This idea is explored throughout the book; with chapters written by renowned community engagement practitioners and scholars of various disciplines. Contributions map community engagement interventions in the intersections of fields such as education; the social sciences; psychology; health; planning; engineering and architecture. They share best practices and draw from theoretical scholarship and practical experience; innovative ways of conceptualising; establishing and ââ?¬Å?community experiencingââ?¬Â? projects. Based on original research; contributors encourage thought of modelling the practical implementation of community engagement at universities.

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