Effective communication N6

Swart, M , Hairbottle, M , Scheü , n, R


In the age of digital transformation; effective communication strategies and means in the workplace are essential. Great communicators are the ones who bring solutions; drive change; and motivate and inspire their colleagues. By improving communication skills; it is possible to enhance employee engagement; teamwork; decision-making and interdepartmental communication. People who are good and empowered communicators are also great ambassadors for their place of work. For these reasons; communication skills are the soft skills that employers seek the most in their employees. Effective Communication N6 ââ?¬â?? empowering the workforce aims to help develop a solid strategy to keep employees informed and engaged; to avoid communication silos and overload; to build interpersonal relations; and to encourage a productive and conducive work environment. Tips are provided on how to promote an open organisational culture of trust and satisfaction; where knowledge sharing and healthy relations are prevalent and the use of various media is facilitated. There are ample timely; concrete and real-life exercises and applications; and examples and illustrations of communication in action. Effective Communication N6 ââ?¬â?? empowering the workforce is designed to take workplace communication to the next level and can be used by students; employees and those at executive management level.

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