From Debt to Riches

Ndumo, Phumelele


This book is written by an ordinary South African for ordinary South Africans. Most people have always thought that it was only high income people who could end up financially independent. That is not true! All of us can become financially independent, provided we are willing to have self discipline and put into practice the simple suggestions that are in this book. The purpose of this book is to ensure that you buy our own home, you pay it off in a short period of time, you save for the university education of your children and you buy ETF shares – in simple terms; it helps you to become financially independent. It addresses the financial problems of ordinary South Africans who are battling with garnishee orders, admin orders, debt counselling, paying university fees, buying homes etc. It talks about finance issues in such a simple manner that you can read it while you are under the hair dryer in a hair salon. You might also want to buy it as a gift for that taker sibling who uses you as a cash cow, and hope he / she will get the message.There were times when Philippa escaped with her life. In this book, she tells of the casualties, victims of war and colleagues who did not. Her relationship across the colour line and partying during the off-hours in an effort to diminish the pain of what she had witnessed are all part of this brilliant account of a harrowing period in South African history. It is a period that has not been investigated sufficiently, and which escaped much scrutiny from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Rogues, lovers, family, friends, journalists, warlords and victims are all part of Philippa’s gripping memoir, in which she explores what it was like to investigate apartheid crimes through the lens of white privilege.

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