Help; I'm a student teacher 3

Toit, ER du , Louw, LP , Jacobs, L


There is no fixed recipe for becoming a â??good teacherâ??. Trial and error are often the only way to find out what works best in a particular context. This is a daunting prospect for student and novice teachers. Help; Iâ??m a student teacher offers guidance and support to student and novice teachers in their quest to make a difference in the classroom; especially in South Africaâ??s complex school environment. Help; Iâ??m a student teacher focuses on practical applications that will assist student teachers to develop those skills that are essential for effective teaching. Assignments; activities and exercises test knowledge and abilities in the actual school environment; while hints and tips promote successful implementation. Help; Iâ??m a student teacher is aimed at student teachers; as well as novice teachers in all phases. It is also an essential resource for mentors who lead and guide student and novice teachers.

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