Improving public policy 5/e

Cloete F, Rabie B, Mmakola D, Wissink H, De Coning C, Morkel C


Improving public policy has for the last two decades been the most comprehensive textbook on this topic on the African continent. This new edition has been reconceptualised by an expanded range of experienced specialists to clarify the most pertinent public policy issues in contemporary 21st century societies. Sustainable development is nowadays an overriding goal for any government. It is a much taller order than only â??simpleâ?? short-term economic development or medium-term improvement in the quality of life of people. Sustainability is a very complex, comprehensive, long-term outcome that requires much more sophisticated planning, policymaking, management and governance than simpler, narrower goals. This is especially relevant in the current digital era of the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution. This significantly revised and updated fifth edition is now entitled Improving public policy for sustainable development impact in the digital era. It focuses on explaining and illustrating how the complexity of modern fourth industrial era societies, especially in third world contexts like South Africa and other African countries, necessitate specific systematic public policy approaches and strategies to pursue the achievement of sustainable development goals for their societies in an increasingly digital era and under increasing resource constraints. The book links the theory and practice of public policy in a user friendly, logical manner. It explains what public policy is and should be, why and how it is created, and how public policy content, processes, outputs and outcomes can be improved to promote optimal good governance and achieve sustainable developmental goals in the most economic, efficient and effective ways. Each chapter includes references to the latest published South African and international resources on various aspects of public policy and related issues. This new fifth edition is essential reading material for all students, researchers and practitioners in the field of public policy who require more relevant and appropriate knowledge, insights and/or practical skills in the achievement of their sustainable development goals.

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