Nurse educators' guide to management 4/e

Kotzé , , W


Nurse educators and managers of nursing schools function within the dynamics of a kaleidoscope of environments ââ?¬â?? in their schools, within the parameters of professional and higher education policies and legislation, and, in South Africa, in an extremely diverse society. Since they are part of the global nursing fraternity, the realities of international standards add to the demands of their responsibilities. Nurse educatorsââ?¬â?¢ guide to management acknowledges these challenges and aims to empower nurse educators and managers of nursing schools by creating awareness of areas that need to be explored and embraced to function effectively. Nurse educatorsââ?¬â?¢ guide to management addresses, amongst others, the challenges that a nursing school has to manage related to philosophical and sociocultural, professional and ethical, leadership and quality considerations; as well as the health care, regulatory and educational environment in which the school functions. The mission of a nursing school in society and its empowering through alliances and networking are extensively explored. The leading publication has been updated to reflect far-reaching changes to the nursing curriculum and regulatory environment. It contains new chapters on financial management, the regulatory environment, the learning environment and empowerment towards excellence. This book is aimed at educators, managers of nursing schools and students preparing for a career in nursing education. The authors of the book are experienced nursing professionals with a special interest in the education of nurses and advancement of the structures, processes and outcomes of nursing education at institutional and national level.

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