Purchasing and supply management 8/e

JA Badenhorst-Weiss, JO Cilliers, W Dlamini, IM Ambe


There is a growing awareness in the global business and supply chain environment of the importance of managing the supply side, also referred to as the input side, of business processes as a strategically important area. South African business and supply chain managers are certainly also aware of the strategic competitive advan­tage in an increasingly difficult and competitive business environment, especially post-pandemic. This eighth edition of Purchasing and supply management provides contemporary insights into this dynamic field of business management. The stan­dard foundational purchasing and supply management text from the previous edition has been retained but with a focus on strategic and contemporary issues. Purchasing and supply management introduces basic and advanced concepts and management tools to make purchasing and supply management more efficient in functioning within the broader concept of supply chain management. It covers not only basic principles, but also the activities incumbent on a purchasing and supply manager, as well as resources and areas of application. This new edition has been updated and the inclusion of real-life examples, case studies, as well as descriptive questions based on theory and case studies and multiple-choice questions makes it student-friendly, but at the same time remains a valuable aid to the purchasing and supply fraternity in South African business.

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