Reader on selected social issues 7

Bezuidenhout, FJ


While nations have long been involved in regulating humans’ relationships with other species; humans have to a much greater extent been involved in the problems of regulating and maintaining human society. Currently; the world has a population of 7.8 billion and it is estimated that by 2050; this will be 9.8 billion. Along with this burgeoning population pressure comes a host of challenges. A reader on selected social phenomena discusses the nature; prevalence; causes and consequences of 17 social phenomena. The content of the chapters is not discipline specific. Lecturers can therefore use perspectives within their own field of study or interest to guide their students to greater understanding. Content-wise; each phenomenon; as presented in a chapter; has been placed in a specific section to highlight and contextualise its nature and effect on the individual; family; community and society.

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