Understand Maths Grades 8 - 12: Explanatory Dictionary

Irene Fricke, Lizel Meyer


Maths has a language of its own: it is a subject with its own particular terminology. Furthermore, each topic develops from and builds onto previously acquired knowledge. This easy-to-use learning aid for Maths is compiled to assist learners to understand all the grades 8-12 words and fully develop the concepts in these curricula. It covers, in one book, five years of Maths terminology: all that is needed for the secondary school curriculum, providing definitions, explanations and illustrations and also demonstrating how to do some calculations. It is therefore a resource for learners at all times: during the initial stages of a chapter to clarify new concepts, to help with current classwork and also to revise terminology from previous years curricula which the learner may not have fully grasped, thereby promoting understanding. In this way, foundations are strengthened and future success is ensured. This dictionary can be used under the guidance of the teacher in the classroom or to help the learner with individual study or homework.

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Irene Fricke, Lizel Meyer
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