Understanding business and ethics in the South African context 2/e

Rathbone, M


What are the socioeconomic opportunities and challenges that we face in Africa and South Africa specifically? How do we view work, business and organisations? Are there different ways to understand these activities? How can these activities be conducted in a responsible manner? What implications do responsible operations have for the strategy, governance and management of organisations? The second edition of Understanding business and ethics in the South African context provides an overview of the relationship between business and ethics from a contextual, integrative and practical perspective. The purpose of the book is to prepare undergraduate students to engage with ethical issues in the workplace and with socioeconomic opportunities and challenges in society in an accountable and responsible manner. The revision of the book was informed by new developments in business ethics, organisational management and governance. Consequently, the chapters were updated to include recent case studies, statistical information, new legislation (e.g. POPIA) and company information. In addition, two chapters on organisational communication and governance, written by well-informed experts on the relevant topics, are included in the book. Finally, the chapters on interpretation and how we understand organisational activities and context were further expanded and refined.

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